Our Partners

Antidote has always been graciously endorsed and championed by its community and supported by its partners and investors. 


The United Nations Development Programme Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (UNDP GEF SGP) has played a vital role in supporting sustainable development projects around the world. From protecting biodiversity and natural resources to promoting renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, the UNDP GEF SGP has made a significant impact on communities and the environment.

The support and resources provided by the UNDP GEF SGP was crucial in scaling up the business. The team provided us with the technical expertise and financial support that helped us in building our tech infrastructure, hiring new employees and streamlining the operations of the business. This has enabled us in reducing 500,000 kg of carbon emissions in 2022 while providing 15,000+ clothing items a new owner, away from the landfill sites.

The dedication and stance taken by the team members of UNDP GEF SGP for sustainable development and the well-being of communities around the world is truly inspiring. Thank you for all that you do.

Impact Hub Kathmandu

Impact Hub Kathmandu supports startups and SMEs by providing array of tailored services that helps them grow and create a meaningful impact. Back in 2019, when we were still in the nascent stage and figuring out how, we joined Impact Hub Kathmandu’s incubation programme. This programme gave us all the necessary skills and tools to further our journey. We share a lot of our very firsts with the Impact Hub Kathmandu team; our very first funding round, our very first launch and our very first website. We’ve truly grown a lot since our early days at the Impact Hub and we cannot thank enough for all the love and support bestowed upon us. 

We also deeply extend our gratitude to our friends, families, amazing seller community, and fellow thrifters for all the love, support and invaluable feedback. This journey has been truly amazing.