4 factors affecting your earning

4 factors affecting your earning as an Antidote seller

For the past two years we’ve helped more than five thousand sellers sell their second hand but gently used apparel and accessories from our platform. We’ve found five factors that affect the earning of our sellers. 

Factor 1

80% of sellers who have higher sales send quality items. These items are in like-new condition, containing no damages, lint/piling, and stains. We’ve found items in good condition (like-new) tend to sell much more quickly in higher price points.

Factor 2

Another important factor that might be affecting your sales is the trend of the item. Items that are in trend (bought in the past six to twelve months) or older items that have made a comeback sell quicker and at higher price points. For example, older lehenga sets and skinny low waist pants do not attract buyers. 

Factor 3

The third factor that affects your sales as a seller is the revision of recommended price. While we give our sellers an option to revise the prices, we have also found that sellers who increase the recommended price 1.5 times higher see 74% lower conversion than sellers who accept the recommended prices as is.

Factor 4

The fourth factor that might affect your sales is the seasonal relevance of your apparel and accessories. Summer items during the winter season and winter items during the summer season seldom sell. Send your summer and spring items from February to August and fall and winter items from September to January.

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