Thrifting through Antidote

Antidote has helped 5000+ sellers in decluttering their closets and homes til date.

Selling through Antidote is super easy. All you have to do is sort items that you want to sell, wash them and send them to us. We, here at Antidote, take care of storage, photography, listing, customer service, delivery and payment processing, all on behalf of our sellers.

Step 1

Sort items that you want to sell. We select women’s, men’s and kids’ apparel and accessories.

Antidote only selects high quality items free from stains, damages, lint/piling, color bleed, wear/tear and missing buttons/zippers. Learn more on what to send here.

Please don’t send these items:

Step 2

Items that have been washed and stored might accumulate dust, dirt and mold so we only accept items that have been freshly washed and dried (2-3 days before sending us). Unwashed items are rejected.

Step 3

Now that you’ve sorted and washed your items, you can now send the items to Antidote. You can choose one of these three methods to drop your items.

  • Self-drop your items at our warehouse at Kupondole Main Rd, Lalitpur.
  • Self-drop your items in one of 10 Kourtier Courier branches inside the valley. Please note, using this method will require you to pay Rs.100 per kilogram to Kourtier Courier as a processing fee. 
  • Request a home pickup from your preferred location. Please note Rs.150 – Rs.450 will be charged as pickup fee (depending on the location). This amount will be deducted from your first earning.

Step 4

Once we receive your package, our experienced team of product processors list your items. You receive an email notification after the listing has been completed. Our sellers can follow the link included in the email to accept or revise the prices. 

Find out how we set the pieces here.

Once you have reviewed the prices, we then send the items for a photoshoot. It takes 5-7 working days to make your items live on our website and other platforms.

Step 5

Sit back and relax while we help find a new home for your beautiful apparel and accessories. You can track your sales and earnings by logging into your seller portal.

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